BUOĒ is here to support your lifestyle by supporting the technology products that have become so significant in our every day lives.  There is however, much more to come for the BUOĒ brand. We are currently in development on a line of lifestyle products that just may disrupt an entire category.  

   Steve Jobs said it best when he described the iPad as so much more "intimate."  But the question remained: how do we hold it? Other than awkward flaps and kickstands, the only way to use the tablet in your lap is to hold it up with one hand while typing with the other or prop it with pillows, re-adjust and repeat. Studies are now finding that with many users, prolonged use of this kind is causing chronic pain.*  It is paramount to an optimal tablet experience to give users prolonged comfort, balance and stability.  After much trial and error, that is exactly what we've done. Now you can read ebooks, articles and game on your tablet comfortably for hours.  


Joseph Kaiser, Founder & CCO:  Graduate of UC Berkeley (BA, Psychology,) award winning advertising art director and writer, this Northern California native, now lives and works in Los Angeles with his wife and son. His passion to problem solve and build a brand inspired him to file his first patent and take his first ever product to market: the BUOE Tablet Lounge.



Ergonomic References•


 Harvard School of Public Health: 

"Touch-screen tablet user configurations and case-supported tilt affect head and neck flexion angles"

The study author "recommends that tablet users vary their postures every 15 minutes, and that they use a case that doubles as a tablet stand. These cases reduce the need to grip the device, and also allow it to be propped up at an angle that keeps the user’s head in a neutral position, minimizing neck strain."

"Conclusion: Head and neck posture during tablet computing can be improved by placing the tablet higher to avoid low gaze angles (i.e. on a table rather than on the lap) and through the use of a case that provides optimal viewing angles."  


 "They are also reporting arm and neck pain, associated with bending over the tablet as they hold it on their knees."


 “You get these problems from hunching over and holding a tablet like a plate and using your other arm to operate it without any support,” says Dr Tony Kochhar, consultant orthopaedic surgeon and shoulder, elbow, arm, hand and wrist specialist who set up the London RSI(Repetitive Stress Injuries) Clinic to deal with an increasing number of patients with RSI injuries.




“As you stretch the tissue for a long period of time, it gets sore, it gets inflamed,” he said. It can also cause muscle strain, pinched nerves, herniated disks and, over time, it can even remove the neck’s natural curve."


"iPad Shoulder becomes latest modern life affliction"

"Using an iPad or other tablet computers can be bad for your shoulders as they encourage people to hunch over the screen, Harvard research suggests."